Not a Deal Maker, or an Arms Broker

I feel ridiculous even typing this. But enough companies have written in, asking me to help them market their products to the Defense Department, that I feel obliged to respond. Here's my answer, in a nutshell: no.I received the latest come-on just a few days ago, from a company that claims to make radio frequency jammers.

...COMPANY is able to quickly produce most professional [customized] solutions for Every requirement of jammers, the best in the world, and most competitive in terms of price. The only issue is that currently we don't have yet connections with the US Military.Can you help us make the US Army immediately aware of our superior capabilities ? because we understand that there's an immediate top-urgent requirement of Professional IED Jammers for the US Army troops in Iraq. Needless to say that if you help us in this matter you (or your organization) will be highly compensated for the same.Your prompt response will be very appreciated. Thank you very much in advance...
Look, I'm a journalist. Not a deal maker. And not an arms broker. I'm happy to consider writing about your product, whatever it is. But I'm not about to start lobbying the government to take the technologies I cover. That would pretty much shred whatever last little bit of credibility I still have. How could I appear to be an objective observer if I'm pimping gear behind the scenes? So, please, do everyone a favor -- no matter how revolutionary and awesome your new doodad is: back off.
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