Russia's Sneaky Missile: Details Here

The Russians have been talking for a couple of years, now, about their new missile which can dodge American interceptors. According to Bill Gertz (and grab the usual handful of salt here), that weapon was tested earlier this month.topol-m-test-fire.jpgThe Topol-M missile has a warhead-carrying reentry vehicle which "can change course and range while traveling at speeds estimated at about 3 miles per second," Gertz notes.That's a serious problem for missile defenses, "because such countermeasures rely on sensors to project a [reentry vehicle's] flight path and impact point so that an interceptor missile can be guided to the right spot to knock [it] out."Situational Awareness has details on the Topol-M. And if the site is right, the weapon is pretty hard to stop.It "flies a faster, flatter trajectory and has more opportunities to change course in flight... [It] carr[ies] realistic decoys [that] have the same weight and radar cross section as the actual warhead... [And those] warheads and decoys are also equipped with active-deception jamming systems." Look out.

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