Iran's Arsenal for Sale


Grade-B dictators, guerilla chieftains: you are in luck. You've been jonesing to give your troops the latest, greatest gear. But those Lockheed prices? Oy! Even if the Americans let the big contractors sell to you, you'd have to start mortgaging palaces to come up with the cash.ieimil.jpgFortunately, there's a solution: Iran Electronic Industries, "Western Performance" at "Eastern Prices."The Tehran-based firm "was established in 1972 and presently is the major producer of electronic systems and products in Iran," according to its website. "The foundation of Iran Electronics Industries took place with the help of some reputable international companies like and at the time being has the co-operation of some well-known companies like L.G., Acer, Deawoo, Kenwood, Sagem, Kyodo, NEC etc."IEI specializes in four areas: communications, optics, electro optics, and "electronic warefare [sic]." Think encrypted radios. Think laser range finders. Think night vision goggles, "Making a Day from the End of the Day." The firm also claims to make a mean proximity fuse."To keep pace with the frontrunners of military technology, IEI has launched ambitious campaigns with focus on modern management methods as well as research and development," the site promises. They've got six subsidiaries, developing everything from a "super data base." to semiconductors. "Pinning its hopes to the six mentioned subsidiaries [and] aggressive managers... IEI is aiming for stronger positions in both regional and global markets."

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