Kinko Commandos

Your commanding officer wants you to crank out a whole bunch of propaganda in a hurry. But you're miles and miles from your base. And Kinko's isn't expected to open a branch in the Hindu Kush for a long, long time. What to do?Copier_pregger.JPGSOCOM wants its commandos to have a Humvee-mounted, deployable print production center (DPPC) to handle their psychological warfare needs. Special Operations Technology magazine has the details:A preferred system, as a minimum, must be capable of producing 13,000 11-by-17 sheets, produced two sided, single color, cut to produce 100,000 leaflets in a 24-hour period. Preferably, the system will be able to produce 13,000 11-by-17 sheets, produced two sided, multi-color, cut to produce 100,000 leaflets in a 24-hour period. The minimum acceptable quality is 600 dots per inch (dpi) with an objective of 2,400 dpi...Additionally, the DPPC must include an electric paper cutter capable of cutting/trimming a 500-sheet stack of 11-by-17 inch paper, with an objective of being able to cut/trim a 1,000 sheet stack of 11-by-17 inch paper...Not just your corner copy shop, the DPPC must be designed to handle work at the secret level, and have appropriate procedures to meet DoD Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process requirements.

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