Dogs 1, Sensors 0

jacko_5f270.jpgThe U.S. government is pouring a ton of cash into new-jack sensors that can sniff out hidden explosives. But the Customs and Border Protection agency has decided to stick with a more tried-and-true method. The agency has increased its 1400-dog K-9 force by more than 200 in the last two years, says National Defense magazine.The reason is the sensitivity of a dogs nose, said David Sturm, an instructor here, at the CBPs Canine Enforcement Training Center. Science hasnt come up with a sensing technology yet that beats a dogs nose, he said. Humans smell a stew. Dogs smell the carrots, the potatoes, the meat. They break it down.THERE'S MORE: In the comments, Edward wonders if the new litter of bomb-sniffing pooches is at good as the old one. They're not, replies Kelly, who has been working with the dogs for three years.

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