Last Best Reminder

m_cloud.jpgAnybody see Last Best Chance last night? Newsweek's Johnathan Alter caught the nuclear terror docu-drama:

It lacks special effects (too expensive) and a satisfying ending (too unrealistic), but effectively offers an all-too-plausible scenario of how a Russian scientist desperate for cash could provide highly enriched uranium through middlemen to Arab jihadists. So, American Hiroshima begins, says one terrorist.I couldnt get my kids to watch it. My daughter said it was Too much of a downer, which about describes the attitude of policymakers. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said early this year there was no huge problem with the security of nuclear materials in the former Soviet Union. But Lee Hamilton and Thomas Kean, co-chairs of the 9/11 Commission, which studied the issue at length, strongly disagree. They believe nuclear terrorism is a distinct possibility...Of all the varieties of incompetence in this, the Age of Incompetence, the most deadly involves the potential of nuclear terrorism. After years of foot dragging, Presidents Bush and Putin have finally agreed at summit meetings this year that it is the single most serious threat in the world todayfar more likely than a nuclear exchange by superpowers. And yet they and their governments are not following through quickly enough to secure loose nukes at their source. At the pace were going, it will be 13 years2018before all of them are recovered and deactivated, by which time even the most sober analysts believe terrorists will likely have blown up and contaminated some city forever.
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