Murky Future = Cash Conundrum


We've got a war or two going on. So, obviously, the Defense Department's budget is going to grow. But there's an equally-important reason for the Pentagon's bottom line bloat, Defense News' Greg Grant reports.

The Army could find itself in a simultaneous fight against lightly armed guerrillas, an enemys armored forces or terrorists and must prepare to defeat all three...Lt. Gen. Joseph Yakovac, the Armys acquisition chief... said it was difficult to plan and make choices in the absence of a clearly identifiable threat and an ambiguous and uncertain strategic environment.From a weapons and equipment standpoint, what is not important? Nobody has articulated that. So I dont know how to prepare for that without having the resources, and equipping to account for all of those contingencies, he said. Now, the Army must be outfitted to defeat a wider variety of threats than at any time in its history.
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