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combat_id.jpgIt's a big day at the Pentagon.Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is gathering all his combatant commanders -- the four-star leaders of the major commands, like NORTHCOM, which handles homeland defense, and CENTCOM, which runs the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns. They get together a few times a year so Rumsfeld can hear from the guys in the field about what they really need, which doesn't always jibe with what the service chiefs want.The focus of today's meeting is that Quadrennial Defense Review we've been touching on this week.The QDR is expected to lead to a significant number of changes, all of which will have budgetary implications. Some believe big cuts are coming, but even if major programs are not killed, there will be major impacts across the board.And today, the Pentagon's QDR folks will explain some of those proposed impacts to the combatant commanders.Read this for more.-- Posted by Dan Dupont

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