NoLa Biolabs: Research Wrecked

The AP, following on Nick's research over the last few days, says that Katrina "decades" of biodefense and other research.monkey_cage2.jpg

Important work on heart disease, cancer, AIDS and a host of other ailments may be lost forever to scientists at Tulane and Louisiana State universities' medical schools in New Orleans.LSU lost all of its 8,000 lab animals, including mice, rats, dogs and monkeys. Many drowned. Others died without food and water and the rest were euthanized, said Dr. Larry Hollier, dean of the LSU Health Sciences Center School of Medicine.About 300 federally funded projects at New Orleans colleges and universities worth more than $150 million - including 153 projects at Tulane - were affected in some way.
The article also confirms the "thin silver lining" that Nick had found: "no deadly diseases were released from the area's "hot labs,' where researchers routinely handle and store some of the world's most dangerous germs."
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