Katrina: Drive for Five

redcross.jpgIt's no secret that one of the keys to any rescue effort is money. And the folks in Louisiana and Mississippi need our help, bad.So I'm asking Defense Tech readers to come up with five thousand dollars over the next five days to give to the Red Cross or to Mercy Corps. Click here or here to donate.I've just made the first contribution: a thousand dollars, which ain't easy on a freelance writer's budget. Now, you guys come up with the other four grand. Once you've donated, drop a note in the comments section to say how much you've given.Let's do this.THERE'S MORE: You guys rock. As of 11pm on Monday, you've given $4605 -- $605 more than the goal I set, with a day to spare. Can we get another $400 in that remaining day?AND MORE: Wow. $1140 on Tuesday, bringing the total to $5745. Add in my G, and this "Drive for Five" just netted $6745. Anybody wanna make it an even seven grand? Seventy-five hundred?AND MORE: I'd be a pretty lame fiancee if I didn't give a shout-out to the future Mrs. Defense Tech, for donating a thousand bucks of her own. Thanks, Lizzie!AND MORE: Seven hundred more as of Thursday noon -- five bucks south of $7500, on other words. Anyone for a group hug?

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