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punk.JPGPunk rock -- and Pentagon program managers?Stick with us here.Two Air Force majors with way too much time on their hands have tackled that very topic in the latest issue of a Pentagon magazine called Defense AT&L (that's "acquisition, technology and logistics" -- don't go looking for it on newsstands).The duo has the temerity to suggest that the Ramones, the Clash and others like them "would have totally rocked as program managers."

Punk is primarily a do-it-yourself genre, and even those who make it big usually manage to retain a sense of DIY amateurism in their art. Unfortunately, in many professional circles, the term amateur is synonymous with sloppy, and indeed, many amateur-driven projects fall short of the quality level inherent in more professional enterprises. Many, but not all.Some amateurs actually produce better-quality stuff than the pros. Linux is one example, and the pioneers of punk are another. Skunkworks early stuff (the U-2, SR-71, etc.) certainly fits the bill, though like most garage bands, they lost some of their edge when they made it big.
Punk rock, the authors conclude, "is loud and in-your-face, unapologetic and fearless. We need more of that attitude around here."In the wake of the Darleen Druyun acquisition scandal, maybe they have a point.THERE'S MORE: On that note, consider this hot-off-the-presses story from InsideDefense.com.
Michael Wynne, the former Pentagon acquisition chief, has been pressed back into service for the summer to oversee the Defense Department's base realignment and closure efforts, according to Pentagon sources.At the behest of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Wynne scuttled plans to leave the Pentagon in late June, returning to a post he previously held -- principal deputy under secretary of defense for acquisition, technology and logistics, according to Pentagon officials.By keeping Wynne in the Pentagon, Rumsfeld may have his eye on more than just a BRAC point man, sources say: Wynne's name is being floated for the vacant position of Air Force secretary.
Wynne was among four top Pentagon officials named by the Defense Department inspector general as major players in pushing the Air Force tanker lease deal that was at the heart of the Druyun scandal. Should be an interesting confirmation hearing if the Bush administration actually picks him to pilot the Air Force.-- posted by Dan Dupont

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