Nuclear family vacation

images.jpgA few years ago, on a trip to White Sands Missile Range, I came across a book called "Trinity's Children: Living Along America's Nuclear Highway." Written by two AP reporters, the book was billed as the story of the "extraordinary concentration of high-tech military hardware" along Interstate 25, which runs from New Mexico up to Wyoming. The Los Alamos and Sandia labs, Colorado's Cheyenne Mountain, nuclear test sites and a host of other military facilities are all essentially on the same street, comprising a thousand-mile-long neighborhood of nukes and missiles -- and the controversies that go along with them.This week, at Slate, two veteran defense reporters are at work on a diary of their travels in some of the same locales -- a weeklong effort they've titled "A Nuclear Family Vacation."First up was the Nevada Test Site, which is not on the nuclear highway; today's entry, though, has them at Los Alamos.It's worth a read.-- posted by Dan Dupont

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