Rapid Fire 06/28/2005

Here are some links worth a look:

* More Google Maps fun: New Zealand's Waihopai spy base, which is a favorite attraction for Kiwi anti-war protestors* The Marines are trying yet another IED-resistant vehicle, the Cougar* New brakes for KC-135 tankers last ten times as long...which is good since who knows when they'll be replaced by newer planes* I can't do that Dave--Space station gets HAL-like computer* Russian air force commander General Vladimir Mikhailov accuses America of still fighting the Cold War...and that Russia will soon begin testing new long-range cruise missiles* Angle the deflector shields!-- "Force field" could keep lunar astronauts safe from solar radiation
* This final entry isn't tech-related, but Intel Dump writer Phil Carter has been activated and will be deployed to Iraq with the 101st Airborne--posted by Murdoc
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