Israel's floating fence

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Israel is building an underwater barrier extending out to sea from its border with Gaza to deter Palestinian infiltrators as part of a planned withdrawal from the coastal strip, a newspaper said on June 17.The Jerusalem Post reported in detail, but without citing any sources, that the barrier, part concrete and part floating fence, would stretch 950 meters (1039 yards) into the Mediterranean from Israels boundary with the northern Gaza Strip.The aim of the structure would be to stop Gaza-based militants from launching attacks into Israel by sea after the Israeli government implements a plan to remove all 21 Jewish settlements from the occupied territory starting in mid-August.The Israeli military declined comment on the report, which said construction had begun.The report said the first 150 meters (164 yards) would consist of concrete pilings burrowed into the seabed while the remaining 800 meters (875 yards) is planned to be a submerged 1.8 meter (six-foot) deep floating fence. No further details were given.
While no static defense will hold against an equipped and determined attacker, simple barriers can do much to keep just anyone from crossing over, and they allow more valuable resources and personnel to be used where the need is greater.--posted by Murdoc
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