Sci-Fi Thinkers Get NASA Bucks

Defense Tech darlings NIAC (that's the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts) have handed out their research grants for 2005. And all of 'em are pretty geekalicious. Behold:anti_sail.jpg

* Antimatter Harvesting in Space (Principle Investigator: Dr. Gerald P. Jackson, Hbar Technologies, LLC, Chicago)* Multi-MICE: A Network of Interactive Nuclear Cryoprobes to Explore Ice Sheets on Mars and Europa (PI: Dr. George Maise, Plus Ultra Technologies, Inc., Stony Brook, N.Y.)* A Contamination-Free Ultrahigh-Precision Formation Flight Method Based on Intracavity Photon Thrusters and Tethers (PI: Dr. Young K. Bae, Bae Institute, Tustin, Calif.)* Modular Spacecraft with Integrated Structural Electrodynamic Propulsion (PI: Mr. Nestor Voronka, Tethers Unlimited, Bothell, Wash.)
...And a bunch more. We've covered NIAC before, here, here, here, here, and probably a bunch of other places, too.(Via /.)
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