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Just when I was starting to feel guilty about missing the Paris Air Show -- the international arms market's answer to Comdex -- Aviation Week comes along, and soothes my conscience.neuron_paris.jpgThe magazine is putting its daily "ShowNews" online, so we common folk can keep tabs on what the sheikhs and the CEOs and the generals are up to.Most of the articles are corporate fluffer pieces -- no surprise, really, in a convention paper like this. But more than a few interesting tidbits have managed to wiggle free. Financing for the French-lead, pan-European killer drone program, for example, may be starting to fall apart. Israel is planning to turn Gulfstream corporate jets into flying hubs for electronic warfare. And then there's this lede from Tuesday's edition: "There are still too many aerospace trade shows, says John Douglass, president of the U.S. Aerospace Industries Association."

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