Police: Whistleblower Story = B.S.

Wow. Climb out on a limb, and watch it get sawn off...

An assault this week on an auditor from Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico was not related to his status as a whistle-blower and prospective congressional witness, police in Santa Fe said Thursday.Tommy Hook, who has alleged that millions of dollars were wasted at the lab, was severely beaten in the parking lot of a topless bar early Sunday. Hook said the attack was meant to silence him.But police said Thursday that it appeared the incident began when Hook hit or bumped into a pedestrian in the parking lot with his car."Facts, evidence and information obtained led investigators to believe that the altercation involving Mr. Hook is an isolated incident and is in no way related to Mr. Hook's whistle-blower status at the Los Alamos National Laboratories," Santa Fe Deputy Police Chief Eric Johnson said in a statement.
THERE'S MORE: "Here's our take on the Tommy Hook story as it stands now," says lab watchdog Project on Government Oversight, whose Peter Stockton is in Santa Fe investigating the assault.
It should be no surprise that the police claim there is no evidence the assault had anything to do with Tommy's whistleblowing. The Santa Fe police were initially sent in to investigate a bar fight, and thats all they have ever indicated they thought it was.Yet it seems that the Santa Fe police have not adequately investigated what they have been told. For instance, they didnt get the phone records that would show whether or not Tommy received a call after 10 pm on Saturday night.We find it interesting that the FBI is continuing to conduct interviews and obtaining the phone records, despite the police statement that there was no link to issues at Los Alamos.Our questions remain: Did Tommy receive a call after 10 pm? Isn't it an extraordinary coincidence that the attack happened at the bar where he was told to meet an anonymous source, three days before he was scheduled to meet with Congressional investigators?
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