Defense Tech 3.5

Weekend re-post: There have been a bunch of changes to the site, all of 'em pretty good, I think.

COMMENTS. They're right on the site, instead on the Overlords' forums. So you can now tell me what an idiot I am without registering for!CATEGORIES. Check out two years of ray gun rants with a single click.HEADLINES. All the military news that's fit to... uh, squeeze inside an inch-and-a-half box.NEW SERVER. Less time to wait for your drone fix.MORE ADS. Gotta pay the rent, somehow...
(Big ups: Tom McIntyre, Sherwin Techico, Paola Cerioli, Dennis Watson, Justin Uyemura, David Grayson, Chris Michel, and the whole family. Plus everyone who made suggestions about what to improve!)
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