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If you're a GI with a good idea for some new gear, the Army's Operational Forces Interface Group wants you to give 'em a shout.hummer_mount.jpgThe group has an "ongoing project to identify and promote soldier-modified and new equipment ideas from military personnel," sister site SoldierTech tells us.There's no prize money or anything. But this idea for a new Humvee machine gun mount (right) has been used is Afghanistan. And initial surveys from units in the 82nd Airborne and elsewhere "have already uncovered some promising concepts."Some ideas are as simple as sewing a map-pocket into the inside of a patrol cap or modifying a sling to allow the M-4 carbine rifle to hang in a ready position. Another soldier attached golf bag straps to a M-240B assistant machine gunner's bag so he could carry the weapon on his back.

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