Death by Powerpoint

Guerilla snipers in Iraq are now polishing their craft online, with a web-based training manual."If you had only one shot, who should you kill?" the primer asks, leading its students through a series of grisly scenarios.iraqi_insurgent_sniper_training.jpgIf you see a line of Soldiers, kill the one who you think is the officer. Then, shoot the communications officer, then the MG [machinegunner] then the doctor if hes there, youll know by the red cross on his arm (you dont need to respect the Geneva Treaty as long as the enemy does not respect it) and shoot at the Soldiers.The manual was recently translated, turned in to a PowerPoint presentation, and given to Defense and the National Interest by an American government worker in Iraq."We posted it primarily to make it widely available to U.S. troops, including those in the U.S," the site's editor, Chet Richards says.In that spirit, has uploaded an HTML version so folks without PowerPoint can take a look. ABC News has more.

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