telaviv_bomb.jpgThe Israeli Army "has started using bottled chemical substances resembling the stench of dead bodies in simulated training exercises," Ynetnews says.

During an exercise two weeks ago, marking the end of a specialized workshop for non-commissioned rescue officers, bottles containing the "smell of dead bodies" were scattered around the simulated "disaster site" to provide a feeling of real-life disaster...The search for a scent resembling the dead was not an easy task. Rescue and medical professionals, who are familiar with the stench from personal experience, tested several chemical and organic substances before finding the exact "smell of death...""The strong smell is a significant part of every rescue incident," [Army commander Yisrael] Rozin Rozin said. "It's important that our soldiers, who will have to handle situations like this in the future, adapt to a situation as close to reality as possible, to prevent shock during the moment of truth." (thanks to Sam for the tip)
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