One of the unique pleasures of running a military technology blog are the plans for world-conquering weapons that folks expect you to pass on the Pentagon. I get about one every other week, all promising that the American military will kick a whole lot more tail if they're adopted. But none of these schemers has promised that U.S. forces would become downright unbeatable. Well, until now.

singh.jpgI am writing to propose that our military could use Invincible Defense Technology to stabilize Iraq. Invincible Defense Technology is a hot topic in defense - read on!Invincible Defense Technology is a scientifically validated means of preventing terrorism, reducing violence, and ending conflict. A peer-reviewed study published in the "Journal of Offender Rehabilitation" showed a 72% reduction in deaths due to international terrorism (p<.025) when Invincible Defense Technology was properly deployed. The study used Rand Corporation data. There many other studies published in reputable journals that show this approach greatly reduces the collective stress ultimately responsible for creating social problems like terrorism, war and crime.Invincible Defense Technology advocate Colonel (Dr.) Brian M. Rees, Medical Corps, US Army Reserve, addresses this issue to the public in his recent book "Terrorism, Retaliation and Victory - Awaken the Soul of America to Defeat Terrorism without Casualties." Col. Rees writes:"You probably haven't heard much about these studies. I am surprised that some ambitious investigative reporter hasn't gotten the bit between his teeth and chased this story down. It is either one of the most important findings in the history of science, or else it is a juicy piece of fraudulent science; either way it's a great story from the journalist's perspective. I have personally interviewed a number of the original researchers, and I am convinced of their scientific integrity."The Londoner's Diary section of "The Evening Standard," published in the United Kingdom, quoted a "Jane's Defence Daily" spokesperson as saying, "We haven't had a chance to test the system, but spiritual defence systems [Invincible Defense Technology] could be the next generation of weapons." This human resource-based technology has been deployed successfully by the militaries of two countries.[From this genius' website...]At the heart of America's military is its well-trained, patriotic and motivated personnel. This is its greatest strength. Invincible Defense Technology taps into this strength. Part of the American military would practice a non-religious form of meditation daily, in groups, as part of their duties. The specific form of meditation is called Transcendental Meditation (TM) and its more advanced practice the TM-Sidhi program. This human resource-based technology has been proven scientifically to reduce social stress and break the cycle of war. Other militaries have already field-tested Invincible Defense Technology with good success.Wait a minute! What kind of technology is that? Isn't meditation something only gurus practice in solitude?No. Anyone can practice Transcendental Meditation. It requires no changes in religious beliefs, and has been shown to reduce stress in both the individual and society.Protecting the nation is the military's job, whatever it takes. America would need to commit less than 1% of its military force to practice an advanced form of the Transcendental Meditation program in groups daily, as part of their daily duties.
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