Add the thinkers at the Congressional Research Service to the growing list of folks who think the Army's sprawling set of modernization programs, Future Combat Systems, is bad news.Mortar2004-10-19.jpgAs regular Defense Tech readers know, costs for the project have been swelling out of control -- from $92 billion to a possible $450 billion -- while major chunks of FCS has been pushed back.Now, in a report, obtained thanks to the fine folks at Inside Defense, the Congressional Research Service says that it's time to start thinking about pulling the plug on FCS.

Congress, in its authorization, appropriation, and oversight roles may wish to review the relevancy of the FCS program in terms of current and potential future threats, the overall viability of the program, program management and contractual agreements, and program off ramps into the current force should the FCS program be modified or curtailed.
Defense Tech readers will be not at all surprised to learn that the Joint Tactical Radio System ("Jitters") is one of the report's biggest Future Combat fears.
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