One of the things that bugs me the most about political pundits on TV (and online) is their habit of making grand predictions -- without 'fessing up when the prophecies don't quite pan out.Let me therefore call attention to a forecast I made a month ago, about the "Minutemen" vigilante border-patrollers. "A whole of people are going to get hurt" as the self-appointed guardians roam the desert between Arizona and Mexico, I said.Wrong, wrong. There were no major injuries during the Minutemen's month-long stomp. Nor did the Minutemen distract federal Border Patrol agents from doing their jobs, as they feared the vigilantes might. (In fact, the volunteers likely gave the agents a nice PR assist, by showing how overwhelmed they are down there.)Did the Minutemen actually make the border any more secure while they were out there? Probably not. Vigilante organizers claimed their 900 volunteers helped nab 335 aliens in an April -- a blip compared to the 40,000 illegals that the federales catch every month in that part of the state. But they didn't hurt, either. My bad.

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