"The Navy has formally agreed to lease a Swedish submarine and its crew for a year so U.S. nuclear-powered subs... can practice hunting it," the Virginian-Pilot reports.

gotland.jpgThe Swedish navy will send a Gotland-class sub to San Diego, where it will help [U.S. Fleet Forces Command] train to combat the potential threat of diesel-powered submarines in the hands of rogue nations.The 200-foot submarine, which displaces 1,490 tons and carries a crew of about 30, will become frequent prey of American sub hunters nearly twice its size. Los Angeles-class fast attack submarines, for example, are 360-feet long, carry a crew of 140 and displace 7,147 tons when submerged.The U.S. is interested in studying the quietness of the diesel-powered boats, since it no longer has any of its own, Jim Brantley, a spokesman for the Fleet Forces Command, said Wednesday. (thanks to reader JH for the tip)
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