I love it when the Arms Control Wonk gets all bitchy. Especially when it's about missile defense.

MDA-ground.jpg In Sex and the City, Trey MacDougal, the husband of a principal character, has a little problem performing, um, performing under pressure.The Missile Defense Agency's own Trey, Henry "Trey" Obering III, seems to be having a little trouble getting the old missile up and on course, himself.For the second time in two months, a missile defense interceptor failed to launch from Kwajalein in the Pacific Ocean.Again, the target, perhaps representing a North Korean ICBM hurtling toward a U.S. city, performed flawlessly.MDA spokesman Rick Lehner said the early indications pointed to a malfunction with the ground support equipment, not the missile itself.That's usually the excuse in these situations, huh?
THERE'S MORE: Remember, the last time Obering's missile malfunctioned, he blamed the whole thing on an itsy-bitsy software glitch that would never get in the way of the weapon's performance ever, ever, ever again.But today's excuse -- that the ground support equipment was likely behind the fizzle -- sounds a whole lot like the initial reports from that never-to-be-repeated flop.
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