This Israeli press flipped its collective lid in November, when the Hezbollah terrorist group flew an Iranian drone over the Galilee. But it's not the only time Tehran-backed fundamentalists have used surprisingly sophisticated means to tussle with Israel, according to Defense News. In fact, "Several Israeli officials and analysts suggested Tehran is using the group to test and promote the products of Iran's defense industry, which has been built from scratch over the past quarter-century to get around international arms embargoes."

In January, an anti-tank missile provided by Iran struck an Israeli D-9 bulldozer in the disputed Shebaa Farms area, killing the Israeli soldier.They also cited thousands of Katyusha rockets upgraded to 30-kilometer ranges; the Al-Fajr 3 surface-to-surface missile; and the Al-Fajr 5, which can deliver a 200-kilogram payload up to 75 kilometers.Awar said the most common Iranian weapon in Hizbollah's arsenal is the single-tube 122mm rocket launcher."It is light, easy to move around, easy to hide and can be put into action fairly quickly and uses a variety of Iranian ARASH missiles with ranges that vary from 21 to 29 kilometers," he said.Tehran has consistently denied arming the group.
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