detective-magnifying-glass.jpgAs if you weren't nervous enough in the airport. The Transportation Security Administration has started to hunt for technologies that'll secretly spot "suspicious behavior" in passengers.The request for information, filed by the minds of the William J. Hughes Technical Center in the Atlantic City Airport, hopes to find ways to "sense patterns of individuals' physiological response(s) and/or overt behavior that are reliably associated with malicious intent."

Proposed technologies may be applicable to the screening of travelers or of employees of transportation facilities (e.g., airports, rail stations, and bus terminals) and carriers.Ideally, proposed technologies will be non invasive, remote, covert, passive, automatic, and suitable for area, as well as portal use. However, alternatives requiring contact, interaction (challenge-response, for example), manual operation, etc. will also be considered.
Great. Just great. (via Cyrptome)
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