Fallujah_112004-15.jpgIED factories, packed with radios and plastic explosives. Martyr training manuals. Illicitly-used mosques, pinpointed on a map.That's all part of an eye-popping PowerPoint presentation, obtained by, "Telling the Story of Fallujah to the Word." Allegedly created by the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force and the Multi-National Corps - Iraq, the slide show is meant to catalog just how venomous insurgent forces in Fallujah had become.Sixty percent of Fallujah's mosques had fighting positions within them, according to "Telling." That's a violation of the laws of war. 203 weapons caches were found dotted around the city. 653 IEDs were discovered as well as 11 factories for building the bombs.The presentation also shows ledgers, supposedly tracking foreign fighter in the city, evidence of torture chambers, and a rundown of the weapons confiscated by American and Iraqi government troops. Grisly stuff, especially for a holiday weekend. But well worth the 3MB download.THERE'S MORE: The bosses here have turned that PowerPoint beast into good ol' HTML. So now there's no excuse the check it out.AND MORE: A review of Palestinian militants' stockpiles and production facilities, produced by a former Israeli Army soldier, is here.

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