spamkings.gifMaybe it's because my e-mail account has been hijacked by spammers recently, leaving me to clean up the mess when a zillion people get hit with advertisements for "Unlimited Free Music," "Hot Deals from Adobe," and "Moms Ready to Cheat." But boy, did I like my weekend read, Brian McWilliams' Spam Kings.Brian has been one of my favorite freelance writers, ever since he hacked his way into Saddam's in-box two years ago. I must have tried a dozen times to get him to write for Defense Tech. But he always demurred.Now I know why. He was too busy cataloguing the exploits of backwoods neo-Nazis, shady stock-pickers, and sexy anti-spam crusaders.The result is breezy, naughty fun, with deeply-flawed good guys and painfully-human villians. Think Dominick Dunne, edited by the geeks at Slashdot. Good stuff.Now, if I could only figure out a way to get these spammers to stop using my e-mail...

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