v-ads.jpgThe Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate is the tiny Pentagon agency that's pushing weapons like the microwave-like pain ray and a slippery goo to make angry mobs lose their footing. Now, the JNLWD is on the lookout for new, far-out projects to fund. And the Directorate's $57.6 million shopping list is heavy on the ray guns:

* Emerging Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) that have non-lethal applications -- specifically counter-personnel, counter-material, and counter-capability missions (examples include novel HPM [high power microwaves], RFR [radiofrequency radiation], laser, and laser induced plasma sources).* Human effects of non-lethal directed energy exposures, to include physiological and behavioral responses (examples include HPM, pulsed and continuous radiofrequency radiation RFR, laser radiation, and laser induced plasma stimuli).* Advanced Materials that either provide or enhance non-lethal capabilities (examples include advanced anti-traction materials; engine suffocates, electrical and mechanical foulers, malodorants, thermobarics, NL [non-lethal] nanoparticles; rigid foams/materials, morphing materials, and NL payload delivery systems or payloads for long range remote engagement; and other NL reactants).* Human effects relating percussive and continuous sounds, incoherent light sources, and overpressures that alone or in combination would provide operational capabilities while minimizing adverse health effects (examples include exposure-response relationships resulting in glare and flashblindess, or behavioral responses resulting from aversive sounds.) Also includes establishing either safety thresholds or probability relationship for adverse health effects for these stimuli.* Development of long-range acoustic and ocular technologies and devices that support operational requirements while minimizing adverse health consequences.* Development of long-range, extended duration, wireless electro-muscular incapacitation technologies or devices (include characterization of human effect and safety issues, miniaturization and advanced technology issues, and precision targeting). (via The Sunshine Project)
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