It never ceases to amaze, the trenchant and well-reasoned commentary that fills our servers here at Defense Tech HQ. One recent example:

This is an important issue proposed for your attention. Please consider it carefully and with much gravity as should it prove accurate, it may be of greatest national importance. A. That, there 'is' a regularly occurring abusive use of space and land-based spy surveillance systems within boundaries of the United States. Such systems are occasionally of a 'loose-cannon,' that is 'ungovernable by the citizenry,' nature. That use of such systems, particularly those producing both 'audible' and potentially more importantly 'subliminal' audio signals may be causing severe psychological stresses within the population of the country. Also! , surveillance system audible signals may often be heard by much of the United States populace. Local police departments, national law enforcement or the like may perpetrate such signals. But, that a majority of citizenry are unaware that they may be hearing such surveillance systems. Such, or otherwise might be a sort of psychological denial of a possibility that such systems may in reality be turned to use against them, although such may not necessarily be perpetrated in malicious fashion, 'for the most part.' There is a chance that law enforcement and, or private security organizations often do not realize the ability of some people to 'audibly,' that is, 'non subliminally,' hear systems as such targeted individuals are under surveillance. Such, though subliminal nonawareness may be far more detrimental to the public's health. It may prove true that police department personnel might be joking or playing audio games they are themselves unaware can be heard by targets, thus! , with citizenry they suspect of being nonacceptable for whatever reason. Such behaviors on the parts of any such law enforcement personnel must not be tolerated in any manner, and be subject to the strictest and harshest of Federal rules and laws. There must exist no allowance for any sort of psychological programming or reprogramming through use of surveillance systems...The potentially most worrisome forms of such systems are those based in space. This is because they might be used to blanket large areas of the country with subliminal programming, or to covertly have psychological, thus, 'duress' access to individuals or groups that would otherwise be secure from governmental, corporate or criminal intrusion. Should such be occurring, it might prove to be the most malicious form of citizenry maltreatment by government or otherwise, violating constitutional and civil rights at will. Should 'criminal' mob-like organizations be using such tactics nation-wide, then our country may be in the grip of a great national emergency, if not! a disaster of epic proportions.
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