Click here or here, or call 866-MYVOTE1 to find your polling place. 866-OUR-VOTE is the number for legal help on election day. And has a state-by-state list of voting rights.When you do go vote...- Bring a picture ID with your name and current address. If your Picture ID doesn't have your current address, bring official mail (utility bill, cable bill, rent agreement, etc). To be safe, bring as many forms of ID as possible.- Always bring a voter registration card if you have one.- If your name is not on the registration list, cast a provisional ballot. No one can be legally turned away at the polls.- Be patient. If my experience down in New York's 55th election district is at all typical, you're going to have to wait a long, long time to pull that lever. One of the two voting machines was broken. To get to the other, you had to get a card from a pair of election workers. This was no simple operation. One -- tasked with looking up names on the voter rolls -- clearly couldn't read; he kept looking for "Shachtman" under W, and then J. The other, an shambling octogenarian with a cataracted right eye, was responsible for writing your name on the card. But his hands shook so badly, it took about 5 minutes to squeeze out each name. When I suggested to a supervisor there that a personnel shift might be in order, he told me a long parable about the great Jewish philosopher Maimonides, and then called me a trouble-maker.

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