Oh please. No matter who you're voting for on Tuesday, let's all agree to throw John Ashcroft's sorry ass out of office by Wednesday. Defense Tech pal (and NPR geekgirl) Xeni Jardin has reason # 98,922,674 why.Ashcroft wants to lead a big Justice Department crackdown on file trading and other forms of intellectual property "theft." But, this being wartime, ol' John can't just come out and say that he wants to defend copyright law, or do Big Media's bidding. No, no. If we don't crack down on Elmer the freshman, sharing the new Eminem single on Kazaa, the terrorists will win, he insists. With a straight face.

Intellectual property theft can be so lucrative, he said, it 'risks becoming a potential source of financing for terrorists.' He did not cite specific examples of a link between the two.
Doesn't this guy have anything better to do?
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