The men who helped start the current wave of scandals at Los Alamos pled guilty yesterday to charges of conspiracy and mail fraud, the AP reports.Peter Bussolini, 66, and Scott Alexander, 42, are both facing 12 to 18 months in jail for making fishy purchases with taxpayer money. I mean, really fishy -- gas grills, CB radios, picnic tables, all for a "government emergency command center," supposedly.Ex-police chiefs Glenn Walp and Steve Doran were brought in to investigate Bussolini, Alexander, and other slippery lab characters. But Walp and Doran were fired, once they started uncovering widespread fraud.That got the attention of Congress, and the press. Hearings were held of Capitol Hill. And, eventually, all of the lab's top managers were forced out.But the renewed scrutiny didn't end there. Security lapses and safety breaches kept coming to light over and over again. Eventually, the lab had to be largely shut down a reboot, of sorts, to get employees to start taking regulations seriously. That restart, begun in July, still isn't completely done.Anyway, here's a partial list of some of the things Bussolini and Alexander bought on your dime:

5 Genesis Gold barbeque gas grills1 19" Panasonic television/VCR combination set4 Cobra 75 WV CB radios3 30 Watt solar panels3 automatic double gate openers w/ remotes2 Wyoming saws8 picnic tables4 sage-colored Cabela Deluxe Arm Chair38 chamois shirts15 pairs of thinsulate gloves152 assorted knives, including 8 "SOG M37 Seal Pup Knives"13 motorcycle helmets12 headlamps5 ULT Command Center monitors24 camping lanterns4 olive drab ATV covers1 Carhart XXXL coat3 pair New Balance hiking boots15 sleeping bags4 sleeping pads4 reclining loungers4 "Portable Buddy Heaters"6 parkas5 "Portable Catalytic Heaters"4 "Pocket Chain Saws"4 "Deluxe Ratchet Pruners"6 knife-sharpeners6 Magellan Map 330M GPS units8 pocket & micro torches3 goretex jackets4 stand-up heaters3 pairs of "Polarized Lenses"4 Rangesafe Ear Muffs4 "Ultimate 10 Hearing Protectors"
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