tom-clancys-ghost-recon-2-20041006034129948.jpgSoldiers in the field won't see the next generation of combat uniforms until 2007, at the earliest. But videogamers can check out the "Future Force Warrior" gear right now, in the latest Tom Clancy digital adventure. Players can strap on the FFW helmet, with night-vision sights, radio antennae, and bone-conducting microphones built in. They can drink out a new-fangled, "on-the-move" hydration system. And, of course, they can blast away, with the ultra-slick M29 rifle -- the one with the mounted camera, laser target designator, and grenade launcher built in. There's no word, yet, on whether gamers will be able to use FFW's extended, unisex zipper and expanded butt-flap, which allow G.I. Janes to tinkle without "literally being caught with their pants down," explains an FFW program manager.

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