In the debate, President Bush just talked about military "transformation" as a way to keep a draft at bay. By replacing troops with equipment, including unmanned aerial vehicles, the U.S. can pull forces from Europe and North Korea, Bush argued.But does that have a thing to do with the draft? Not really. Sure, seventy thousand troops might be redeployed -- eventually, if Bush's plan ever comes to pass. But it's going to take years to make that happen. Right now, it's painfully apparent that more troops are needed on the ground in Iraq this second.Anyway, transformation isn't why the Pentagon wants to redeploy troops away from Europe and Korea. Changing political realities are. The Cold War is over, so we don't need as many soldiers protecting Germany from Russia. The troops in South Korea have long been viewed as little more than a trip-wire, in case Kim Jung Il decides to invade. Now, with the South Koreans seeming increasingly sick of having our G.I.s there, maybe it's time to pull 'em back.THERE'S MORE: Garrrrrrr!!!! Jeez, President Bush just pulled out his best Howard Dean imitation, screaming at Charlie Gibson. WTF?AND MORE: The Patriot Act hasn't watered down anyone's rights, according to the President. Oh, yeah?

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