Traditionally, Humvees come armed with a single weapon -- a big machine gun, say, or a grenade launcher. But a new Hummer, developed by the Army's Training and Doctrine Command, "may put the firepower of an entire heavy-weapons platoon into one vehicle," according to an Army news release.

The Assault Weapon System... features an MK-19 grenade launcher, .50-caliber machine gun and two TOW missile-firing platforms.All three of the weapon systems are connected to a central Improved Target Acquisition System that gives the gunner the option of firing each weapon with the flick of a switch and automatically gauges the range of the target by using an eye-safe laser range finder.When the gunner flips a switch on the control panel and charges the weapon of choice, the display will change for the particular weapon and will show the sights for that weapon.We can have one vehicle doing the job of three, or we can have three vehicles doing three times as much, he said.The vehicle on display was a watered-down version of the tactical vehicle that is still in the construction phase.Plans for the tactical version include a smaller, collapsible turret, removable composite armor plating, undercarriage protection from mines, a smaller targeting screen, and the gunners seat may be moved to the rear of the vehicle to allow for another team member and lower the distractions for both the gunner and the commander.
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