"The ever-ingenious inventors at Israel's weapons research and development directorate have created a schoolboy's dream," the Independent delcares, "the ultimate stink bomb, with a disgusting smell that lingers in its victim's clothing for up to five years."

The foul-smelling liquid squirted by angry or frightened skunks at their victims was analysed by Israeli defence scientists and a synthetic version created for use in a weapon they call the "skunk bomb". Fired with great care, and from a respectable range, it is designed to force civilian protesters to disperse.
Cops in places like L.A. and South Carolina are using a similarly stank-ass spray to keep crackheads out of abandoned buildings.THERE'S MORE: "If used by military forces, it would be a violation of the 1925 Geneva Protocol, to which Israel is a contrating party," notes Defense Tech reader JMW."All weapons delivering gasses or liquids, or anything analogous to a gas or a liquid, are forbidden. Whether the gas or liquid is harmful or not is not relevant. Such a weapon could be used by police forces unconnected with military forces."
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