"It's beginning," warns Back-to-Iraq blogger Chris Allbritton, currently in Baghdad, stringing for Time. "Today's violence was a warmup and word from four sources, including from within the resistance itself, is that today was the beginning of the real jihad in Iraq. CENTCOM is apparently very worried about the next few days."

For the next seven days, we, meaning western reporters, have been instructed not to leave our hotels or venture out. Anyone is a target from car bombs, assassinations, kidnappings, etc. They've cut the main power lines to the north, meaning much of the north is now in the dark we hear. Tonight, word is that the rebels might attempt a similar strike on the power lines from the West, which would cut off Baghdad. Today, Mosul, Fallujah, Baqouba and Ramadi were hit in a coordinated wave of attacks from rebels. Tomorrow, the word is that it's coming to Baghdad.
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