acu2.jpgIt isn't the hi-tech reboot of G.I.'s cammos, scheduled for later in the decade. But the Army unveiled today a brand new combat uniform -- the first major change to the outfits since 1981, according to the AP.Gone are the separate cammo patterns for desert and forest fighting. Now, G.I.s will wear a single, grey-and-tan montage.The changes are more than cosmetic, however. 18 substantive changes were made to the uniforms, according to an Army statement: "The bottom pockets on the jacket were removed and placed on the shoulder sleeves so Soldiers can have access to them while wearing body armor. The pockets were also tilted forward so that they are easily accessible. Buttons were replaced with zippers that open from the top and bottom to provide comfort while wearing armor."Knee pouches were added, to add padding. An infrared-relfective American flag if affixed to the right shoulder, to help G.I.s with night vision goggles spot their pals. And an "integrated blouse bellows for increased upper body mobility."Members of the Army's Stryker brigade have been testing out the uniforms in Iraq since last year. The whole Army should be in the outfits by 2007.

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