xm8.JPG"You will have to excuse me for a moment whilst I take a moment and slobber," Rob Cherry pants.The object of his liquid affection: the Army's new XM8 rifle, which is winning rave reviews at Ft. Bragg and from the Army Times."With attachments, it can go from a compact rifle with a 9-inch barrel for close combat shooting to a sharpshooter rifle with a 20-inch barrel for 600-meter range," the Fayetteville Observer notes. "It costs less than an M-4, is lighter and is capable of firing 20,000 rounds without malfunctions."It also won't jam if it's clogged full of dirt. "Jose Gordon of Heckler & Koch USA, the gun's maker, demonstrated this last fact when he buried an XM-8 in Fort Bragg's red dust and then fired it."

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