chris_bomb_1.jpgBack to Iraq's Chris Allbritton has only been in Baghdad for a few days. And he's already in the thick of it.He e-mails friends to say:"Nasty car bomb today at about 8:15 a.m. Maybe 100 m from my hotel. Im fine, but I was in the Internet caf and every wall and window shook. People poured out of hotels. Too much to do now, but Im fine. Speculation that the car, a blue VW, was carrying wired artillery or mortar shells, based on shrapnel in the street and complete absence of the car. (All that was left of it was the hood which landed about 100 m away, and the engine block, which landed near the hotel.) A window in my kitchen was broken.The bomb went off right in front of the al-Karma hotel, which makes the black jokes obvious. 5 people injured. Two critically, including a boy 10-11 years old. Later, Chris sent on a slew of pictures from the scene. Here's one.THERE'S MORE: Chris' heart-breaking full report is now up.

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