A Queen's University researcher has developed glasses that can tell when someone's looking at you. These sensors then trigger a video camera, mounted on the shades, which will auotmatically "videoblog" the conversation.A ring of infrared light-emitting diodes on the glasses produce a red eye effect in the onlooker's eyes. The LEDs also produce a glint on the cornea. When the glint lines up with the center of the pupil, the glasses know that eye contact has been made.The interaction is then sent to "eyeBlog," a program which "uses this information to record and publish face-2-face conversations without dividing the user's attention between the event being recorded, and the device being used to record it," the researcher, Connor Dickie, explains. "Moreover, becasue eyeBlog uses eye-contact to start and stop recording, users do not need to sift through hours of footage to find interesting segments."LifeLog, anyone?

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