"A General Accounting Office investigation has uncovered three National Nuclear Security Administration managers with top-level security clearances who received fraudulent degrees from diploma mills," reports.But lying to the government about your background doesn't get you fired from your job protecting the nation's nuclear stockpile, apparently."The conditions of employment did not rest on the education that they were claiming," says NNSA spokesman Brian Wilkes.THERE'S MORE: Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham announced a series of initiatives last week to try to tighten up nuclear security. But, to put those changes in place, "he will need to fight the weapons complex bureaucracy, its contractors, and its handmaiden the National Nuclear Security Administration, which wants to protect the status quo at all costs," Project on Government Oversight's Danielle Brian told a Congressional hearing yesterday. "Frankly, the NNSA has repeatedly proven itself eager to place the labs interests over the nations security interests."

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