Right after 9/11, "brain fingerprinting" -- the controversial technique that supposedly spots a liar by measuring the mind's electrical activity -- was suddenly hot. Now, it's "about to take centre stage in a last-chance court appeal against a death-row conviction in the US," the BBC reports.Dr. Larry Farwell, the founder of Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories, says he gave his test a few days ago to Jimmy Ray Slaughter, who has been convicted of "shooting, stabbing and mutilating his former girlfriend, Melody Wuertz, and of shooting to death their eleven-month old-daughter, Jessica," according to the Beeb.Dr. Farwell claims his test show that "Jimmy Ray Slaughter did not know where in the house the murder took place; he didn't know where the mother's body was lying or what was on her clothing at the time of death - a salient fact in the case."Slaughter is now on death row in an Oklahoma prison. It's unclear what the impact of the brain fingerprinting will be on his 11th-hour appeal to escape execution.

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