Usually, adding to an armor to a Humvee means welding on giant steel plates. Now, U.S. forces in Iraq are starting to stick their armor on, like bumper stickers.The Aztik 100 Instant Armoring System is, according to its maker, a lightweight, semi-flexible combination of ceramics, textiles, and polymers that forms a protective coating capable of stopping a .50 caliber bullet. The panels have glue on one side, so they can slap on to a car as if they were decals. StrategyPage claims American troops are already using the sticky protection in Iraq. But the Associated Press (whom I'm more inclined to believe) says live-fire tests there are only now about to begin.THERE'S MORE: Soldiers that can't get a hold of the stick-on armor are going to local metal shops in Iraq to get their Humvees toughened up, Stars and Stripes says.

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