At the bottom of a man-sized hole underneath a farmhouse near Tikrit, American troops found and captured a scraggly, bearded Saddam Hussein Saturday night. And the soldiers, from the 4th Infantry Division and from special forces units, did it without firing a shot, according to the New York Times. Great news.Watch the video of the press conference announcing Saddam's apprehension -- and outlining the operation which caught him -- here. Live coverage from the BBC is here. And check out The Command Post for links to dozens and dozens of capture-related stories.THERE'S MORE: "If I drink water I will have to go to the bathroom and how can I use the bathroom when my people are in bondage?"That was Saddam Hussein's reaction when he was offered a glass of water by his American captors, according to Time. The magazine's website claims to have exclusive details of the former dictator's first interrogation. Time also claims that American troops took from Saddam's hideout the minutes of a meeting of Iraq insurgent leaders.Titillating stuff. But, like all first accounts, take this one with a big salt spoonful.

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