The New Zealand web developer who was building a cruise missile in his garage -- and letting the online world know how he was doing it -- has abandoned the project, citing pressure from the Kiwi government.Bruce Simpson, in an interview with the BBC, claims American authorities are to blame for the clamp-down. After a U.S. official called Simpson's efforts were "extremely unhelpful," the New Zealand government went after him for back taxes.What's more, Simpson asserts on his website, the government has "even gone so far as to deliberatey scuttle a licensing deal I had arranged with a US company who was to begin manufacture of my X-Jet engine.""The strange thing is that just a matter of months ago, they told me I could export the very same technology to Iran -- despite the fact that it is widely considered to be a terrorist sponsor and similar exports are prohibited in the USA," he continues.The garage-made missile is basically complete, Simpson says. But, to ensure it's safety, he's given it away. It's now in the hands of a friend, he tells the BBC, "for safe keeping."(via /.)

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