The M-1A1 tank was supposed to be just about invincible. But last week, one was damaged by a makeshift bomb. And in late August, a "mystery projectile" burst through the tank's side armor, StrategyPage notes."Whatever it was, it just barely missed the tanks gunner (it went through the back of his seat and grazed part of his flak jacket) and put a pencil size hole nearly 50mm deep into the four inch thick armor on the other side of the tank," the website says."No known RPG (rocket-propelled grenade, one of the preferred anti-tank weapons) would do that kind of damage."THERE'S MORE: Army Times has additional details on the M1 puzzle.Last week's M1 attack "blew the turret completely off," the Times also notes. "Two soldiers were killed when the device a 155mm round packed with 50 pounds of C4 explosive ? detonated near the tank on patrol about 45 miles north of Baghdad."AND MORE: StrategyPage now says that "the 'Mystery Projectile'... was probably a Russian RPG-7V or similar type."

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